Emerge 2021


Fill out the Virtual Discipleship Commitment Card

Our Discipleship Theme is Emerge 2021: Taking steps down the road less traveled. I introduced this theme on Sunday in all our worship services. Watch a brief 2-minute video describing this theme and the commitments we encourage everyone to make this year! 

We all realize that 2020 had been an extremely challenging year on so many levels. As we begin 2021, FUMC seeks to emerge from this challenging time as more faithful, committed, and fruitful disciples of Jesus Christ; both individually and communally. I have developed four areas of commitment that I would like every member of FUMC to prayerfully consider and commit to make this year.

  • Increased worship participation
  • Join a new small group or find an accountability partner
  • Increase your financial support for FUMC
  • Find new ways to serve at FUMC

I hope that you will seriously examine these commitment opportunities, pray, and determine how God calls you to commit to your part to emerge as faithful disciples in 2021. If you have questions or would like to meet with a pastor to discern this call for you, you can contact us or mark your card and we will contact you. 

We will be sharing in The Voice, worship, and through other media how God calls us this year and offer testimony and insights from others as we focus this month on our commitments for 2021. Thanks in advance for your willingness to make this commitment with us! 

We hope that you will join us for worship on January 31st as we consecrate these commitments at each service. If you are live-streaming or can’t join us in person, you can return your cards to the church office or fill them out electronically above.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Jay