3 Simple Rules - Mid Summer Bible Study

3 Simple Rules - Mid Summer Bible Study

Every Sunday, from 07/07/2019 to 07/28/2019, 9:40 AM - 10:40 AM

Simple Solutions to a Complex Life

We live in an ever increasingly complex world, or so it seems. We run harder and longer to try to do more and accomplish greater things. Our pulls and responsibilities seem more numerous and more taxing. Amid this reality of circumstance is an equal reality in which God calls us to wholeness, the intimacy of relationship, faithfulness, and fruitfulness.

In a complex environment, we need simple rules to guide us in a faithful path. This has been a part of our faith heritage as Methodist Christians since the earliest days of a movement that became a means of spiritual awakening on two continents and has now become an impactful denominational expression of Christianity today. The General Rules of Our United Societies has been with the Methodist movement since John Wesley authored them in 1739. They are a continued guide for our faithful discipleship in Jesus Christ today. They are encapsulated in three short, simple rules: 1) Do No Harm, 2) Do Good, 3) Stay in Love with God.

During the month of July, we will be focusing in worship with a sermon series, “SIMPLE RULES,” that will be accompanied by a joint Sunday School option in Nicholson Chapel and a Wednesday evening alternative at 6:30 PM in the Heritage Room led by me. More information is available on our website, in The Voice, and in fliers throughout the church.

I hope that you will make a serious effort to engage in this opportunity to live faithfully through these simple rules for our life in Christ together.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Jay

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