Name That Hymn! with Paul

Name That Hymn! with Paul

Every Tuesday, from 05/05/2020 to 05/26/2020, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Name That Hymn! with Paul - A quiz to test how well you know your hymns.

How well do YOU know our hymns of faith? At 2:00 PM every Tuesday in May, our Director of Music, Paul, will be presenting a hymn quiz on Facebook LIVE!

Here's how it works: Paul will give you a line of lyrics from 3 different hymns in our current hymnal, and he will ask you to identify the hymn from where the words are taken. There will also be a bonus question based on a well-known children's hymn.

We hope you will play along! All hymns chosen will be taken from our current pew hymnal. Why not involve the whole family? Look in your hymnal or do some research on the internet and see if you can be among the 3 fastest entries to answer correctly! All answers need to be sent to Paul's e-mail address at Don't forget to include your name!

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